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Service and upgrade

Producers of petroleum products around the world depend on a reliable supply of hydrocarbons. Therefore, countries with abundant oil reserves have a great influence on the global economy. The refining and chemical industries consume enormous quantities of raw materials and, as a consequence, oil and gas production in the world is enormous. While the share of oil in total energy consumption in 1900 was 3 percent, today it is 65 percent.

It is now clear that conventional resources are being depleted and the days of easy oil are over. Еhe development of hard-to-recover reserves is organically connected with the introduction of new drilling technologies, modernization of the equipment fleet, and innovative solutions that increase the assets of production and oilfield service companies.

  • Top power drives;
  • Systems of automation, control and management;
  • Fuel supply 2800; Drilling mud preparation equipments;
  • Blowout protection equipment;
  • Equipment for lifting operations mechanization;

Acting as an EPC contractor, AMCOR is responsible for all stages of the necessary work on time and in full.