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      Membrane module MBR

      Associated Machinery Corporation Limited is a manufacturer of membrane filtration equipment in the People's Republic of China. The purpose of our production activities is to provide customers with the opportunity to improve water quality. We provide essential technological equipment that protects and improves the quality of life for all mankind. The production produces industrial complex water treatment systems, designed taking into account the needs of the customer. The engineers of our company carry out commissioning of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and microfiltration plants, controlling the parameters of water treatment that best meet the requirements of an industrial enterprise.

      Ultrafiltration module MCZW500D for MBR 

      One of the key activities of Associated Machinery Corporation Limited is offering technical solutions for biological wastewater treatment plants.


      Ultrafiltration is a process in which particles are filtered based on their size. In membrane separation, ultrafiltration is typically used to separate or remove relatively large particles such as microbes, bacteria, and macromolecules. Ultrafiltration uses “loose” membranes, which means their pore size is relatively large. The ZeeWeed filter membrane surface is a neutral, durable polymer membrane molded onto the inner surface of a porous support fiber. Each fiber can be divided into three parts: the membrane, the supporting braid (or reinforcing structure) and the inner channel of the fiber.


      Purified water passes through the membrane as permeate, but contaminants do not pass through. Low-pressure air directed into the sludge mixture creates a turbulent flow along the membrane fibers. This eliminates the build-up of contaminants on the surface of the fibers (biological fouling), which reduces the effectiveness of the membrane.


      Periodic periods of aeration without filtration (RELAXATION mode) help remove accumulated contaminants from the membrane surface. When regular relaxation sequences are insufficient to remove contaminants, the membrane must undergo backwashing, in which permeate is pumped back into the membrane fiber, displacing the flow through the membrane and flushing contaminants from its surface.

      Main Components

      The main elements of the ZeeWeed system are membrane fiber, membrane module and cassette.

      Membrane fibers

      The core of ZeeWeed's products is PVDF membrane fiber, with an "outside-in" filtration flow. Ultrafiltration membrane fiber produces high quality permeate because it allows water to pass through while physically preventing the passage of suspended solids, protozoa, bacteria and most viruses.

      There are two different membrane chemistries. The first type of membrane fiber has a nominal pore size of 0.04 µm; it is intended for the treatment of waters with higher levels of pollution and turbidity, such as surface water, and use in membrane bioreactors (MBRs). The second type of membrane fiber has a nominal pore size of 0.02 µm; Designed for water purification with lower turbidity levels, for example, drinking water purification or tertiary treatment.

      Membrane modules

      The membrane fibers are placed vertically between the two membrane module manifolds. Water percolates through the fibers and enters the permeate collector. From there it leaves the module through the permeate bushing (seat). The following table shows the general technical specifications of the module.

      Characteristics of the module and membrane (alternative for ZeeWeed 500D)